Course Overview:

In this comprehensive course, you will develop strong communication skills in English, focusing on real-life conversations and practical language use. From mastering everyday interactions to confidently expressing yourself in various contexts, this course is designed to enhance your fluency and confidence.

Course Duration: 12 Lessons

Lesson Structure:

Lessons 1-2: Building a Strong Foundation

  • Introduction to the course and learning objectives
  • Basics of pronunciation, greetings, and introductions
  • Essential vocabulary for common topics

Lessons 3-4: Everyday Conversations

  • Engaging in small talk and casual conversations
  • Discussing daily routines, hobbies, and interests
  • Role-playing scenarios for ordering food, shopping, and more

Lessons 5-6: Navigating Practical Situations

  • Exploring transportation and giving directions
  • Interacting at the doctor’s office or pharmacy
  • Writing emails and messages with practical language

Lessons 7-8: Expressing Opinions and Ideas

  • Sharing opinions on current events and issues
  • Participating in discussions and debates
  • Describing experiences, preferences, and making suggestions

Lessons 9-10: Business and Professional Communication

  • Vocabulary for workplace interactions and meetings
  • Effective communication in interviews and presentations
  • Writing a professional resume / c.v. and cover letter

Lessons 11-12: Cultural Insights and Fluency

  • Exploring cultural nuances in conversations
  • Improving listening skills through media and dialogues
  • Final project: Engaging in a group debate or presenting a topic of interest

Course Highlights:

  • Interactive lessons with role-playing, language games, and debates
  • Practical activities that align with real-life situations
  • Personalized feedback and guidance from a qualified instructor
  • Supplementary materials including vocabulary lists, grammar tips, and audio resources
  • Certificate of Completion to showcase your language achievements

Join us on this enriching journey to confidently converse in English and unlock a world of opportunities. Book your first lesson now!